Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Utah Dahlia Society's 2013 Exhibition Show

The Utah Dahlia Society may be small in comparison to other dahlia societies throughout the nation but around the Salt Lake area we are one of the largest Garden Clubs with a reputation of putting on a gorgeous show.  
 This year's show did not disappoint.  
With Megan Badger's leadership and the participation of many of our members we had 154 entries 
of the best flowers our gardens had to offer.
The show was held September 28th and 29th 
at the Sugarhouse Garden Center.

 Nick Spencer with judges and clerks that had a tough job to pick the winners of so many great entries.
 Stephen LeCheminant with his Dorthy R that won
 Best Ball
Best of Show
 Megan Badger's Large Arrangement took the
 People's Choice Award
 26 vases of Spence Mortensen's flowers
 were sold as our fall fund raiser.
 Our show was well attended and brought smiles to the faces of participants and the public.
 Best AA was Wanda's Aurora - Stephen LeCheminant
 Best A was Formby Kaitlin - Stephen LeCheminant
 Best B was Lovely Lana - Karen Crook
 Best BB was Bloomquist Barbara - David Ross
 Best M was Glenbank Twinkle - David Ross
 Best Ball and Best of Show was Dorthy R- 
Stephen LeCheminant
 Best Three Blooms was Embrace- 
Bill and Barbara Hughes
 Best Exotic was Rai Mister - Bill and Barbara Hughes
 Best Club Flower, Miss Delilah - Mark Hurst
 Best Arrangement- Cheri Schultzke

 David Ross was all smiles with two entries 
on the head table
 Steve LeCheminant and Mark Hurst were big winners
 Jessi and her friends came to enjoy the blooms and give little Penny an introduction to dahlias.
 Our photo contest for our UDS calendar

 Cheri Schulzke wore many hats by helping cut and arrange our fund raiser flowers, helping to set up and clean up the show and being a judge's clerk. 
 Oh yeah, then she won ribbons and Best Arrangement as a participant.  Thanks Cheri!
 UDS 2013 Head Table
 The "A" Entries
 "B" Entries 

For a complete list of winners leave a comment with your e-mail address and I will send you the PDF list.
Thanks to Megan Badger as always for making it happen, to Spence Mortensen for his flower donations, 
to Nick Spencer for his work as Show Chairman,
 to Bill Hughes for his great photos,
 to the Judges and Clerks 
and to everyone that helped and participated.
Congratulations to our Winners!!

Check back for more Garden Tours.  I will be posting the gardens of Dee and Elaine Davis, Dick Taylor, and Dave Ross in the following weeks.

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  1. love this blog. Great photos and fantastic flowers! KC does an amazing job.