Saturday, May 13, 2017

Demonstration Garden

We planted the Demonstration Garden Saturday, May 13th.
Thanks to all that came to help so we were able to finish in record time.

Speaking of records, our tuber sale was our best ever!!!
Thank you to everyone for coming and for your support.  

Happy Dahlia Season!  
We hope it is a fantastic year for dahlias.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tuber Sale Information from Megan

The Utah Dahlia Society's Tuber Sale
 is this coming weekend!

The Sugarhouse Garden Center 
1604 East 2100 South

Friday the 28th 5 p.m. for Members,
 Saturday  the 29th 10 a.m. for the public 

Most Dahlia Tubers are $3.00 each 

We have some amazing varieties this year.... 
A big THANK YOU to:
 Dick Taylor, Mark Hurst, 
Stonehouse Dahlias, Ryan and Julie Williams, Bill Hughes, Jan Lister, Steve LeCheminant, Megan Badger, Karen Crook, and our own Demo Garden for the tuber donations.

 UDS members come Friday night for the best selection and to get your club flower cutting of KA's Cloud  (if you let me know you wanted one), compliments of Stonehouse Dahlias. 

If you can not make the sale please e-mail and we will do our best to fill your order by mail.  
There will be a postage fee to be determined by the amount you buy. We accept checks and Visa or MasterCard.  If Credit Cards are used the price of the tubers will be $4.00 each to cover costs.

Quanities are limited.  First come, first served.

ACAbby-B C
Alpen Cherub - CO

American Dawn
Bold Accent - BB SC
Cornel - BA
Gitts Attention - BB ID Lavender Perfection - A FD Sonic Bloom - BB ID

AC Ben
AC Darkhorse
ADS Centennial
Ala Mode
Alfred Grille
All That Jazz
Alloway Candy

Bloomquist Cayson S
Bloomquist Mildred C
Bishop of Auckland - S Blown Dry
Bristol Karma
Café Au Lait
Caliente - B FD
Campos Hush

Camano Sitka
Caproz Jewel of Arlene 

Cascade Ken - CO 
Charlotte Mae 
Chimicum Katie - BB FD 
Coral Gypsy
Cornel Ball
Creme de Casis

Dazzle Me
Dazzling Magie
Don’s Delight

Drummer Boy
Eden Barbosa
Edna C
Emory Paul
Evening Lady - BB FD

Gitt's Crazy
Fairway Spur
Gitts Attention
Grand Prix
Helen Richmond - B ID

 Hillcrest Candy
Hillcrest Sunfusion
Hissy Fitz
Holly Hill Jeanette 

HollyHill Cotton Candy
Hollyhill Cotton Candy B IC
 Horsefeathers - NX
Hy Patti
Hy Sockeye
I’m a Hottie

Jan's Delight
Joey Joshua
Inland Dynasty
Inland Dynasty - AA SC

Ken's Choice
Ketchup and Mustard
Kiera Pompadour
Kyli Bug
La Luna
Lakeview Glow
Little Scottie - P
Lovely Lana
Maggie C

Mango Madness
Midnight Moon
Miracle Princess
Mikayla Miranda 

Mingus Randy - A SC 
Miss Delilah
Ms. Kennedy
Neon Splendor
NTAC Eliza - CO

Pam Howden - WL

 Parkland Rave
Paul Smith - BA 

Peaches - BB FD 
PeeGee-B LC 
Peelling - B FD
Pink Esquire
Pooh - CO
Pretty Pien
Puget Sparkle-
Purple Haze

Que Sera
Rogue Starburst Serrano
Show n Tell
Sir Alfred Ramsy

Smarty Pants 
Snoho Sonia
Star's Favorite
Swan's Sunset
Sweet Dreams

Tahoma Big M
Tahoma Bill B
Thomas Edison

Verrone's DF 

Verrone's Obsidian VooDoo
Wanda's Aurora
Winkie Colonel
Wildcat - M SC 

Woodland Fiesta 
Wynn's Ghostie 
Zoey Rey 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The Utah Dahlia Society 
Annual Tuber Sale will be held on 
April 28 & 29 
at the Sugarhouse Garden Center
 1610 East 2100 South.  
UDS Tuber sale: Friday April 28th 
(for UDS members only... but anyone can join for $20)
 5-8 p.m.

 Saturday April 29
(open for everyone
10 a.m. - 1 p.m. or until tubers are gone
 (whichever comes first)
*if you have any tubers to donate for the sale, please let us know as soon as possible.

The above dahlia photo is our club flower for this year:
KA's Cloud
Stonehouse Dahlia's are donating the cuttings to our members.
Many thanks to them.

We are also happy to report that the method of storing our demonstration garden tubers described in our last post was a success.  

Last but not least we send our love to 
Mark Hurst, UDS President.  
He suffered a health issue this past month but is recovering.  We wish him well.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Dreaming of Dahlias

    The weather here in Salt Lake is cold and dreary as we all expect this time of year.  The bright spot is when the reminders come in the mail and on the internet that it is time to order our dahlias for the upcoming season.  It makes the cold weather a little more bearable while you are choosing the next dahlia blooms to look forward to. 
(This is a good spot to send a shout out to if you are interested in ordering cuttings.  Now is the time, they are selling fast!)
     This scenario proves that Dahlias bring us joy year round....from the planning, to planting, to caring for the plants and then of course the fabulous blooms.  
Maybe not as joyful but an important part of growing and saving dahlias is the freeze and the process of storing the dahlias.  
      Our freeze was late this year so it was particularly painful to cut down our demonstration garden plants still loaded with beautiful blooms last 
Wednesday, November 16th.   
The tubers were dug and cleaned with Megan's air compressor which was a wonderful way to do that task.  The tubers were then labeled and packed in plastic bags that we had poked for air vents, covered with vermiculite then stored in card board boxes.
 Megan took them to Logan for cold storage. 
 We are hoping this method is our best and most productive yet.  

 Steve LeCheminant, Megan Badger, Sandy Burgess, Dick Taylor and Mark Hurst (not pictured) processing tubers.
(Karen Crook behind the camera)
Thanks to Bill Hughes for his help cutting down the plants.

The UDS annual Tuber Sale will be April 28th & 29th.
Watch for more details.