Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dave Ross Garden Tour

Dave Ross has been a Utah Dahlia Society member from the beginning.  
He is an accomplished rosarian and added dahlias to his list of hobbies.

Dave has had prize winners in every 
Utah Dahlia Society Exhibition Show.

 He has earned those awards by lots of hard work to create the perfect soil conditions.  He and his wife, Laree bought a new home 14 years ago.  I had to tease him a bit when I guessed he hardly looked at the house after he saw all the land that came with it and could imagine the roses, dahlias and vegetables he could grow.  The soil however was hard clay which is typical for the area.   He got to work and built raised beds and put in a drainage and irrigation system.

 He grows many dahlias each year always trying new varieties but sticking with some of his favorites.

 This is his experimental garden.  
Many of us in the UDS are trying Mel's mix in raised beds to grow our dahlias.  He is very impressed with the results.  The varieties he put in this bed are superior to that in his other garden.
 The rose and dahlia beds thrive side by side.

 More roses on the south side of their home
 Laree, Cheri and Dave giving perspective to the size of the Ross property.  
 What do you do when your Laurel bushes succumb to a harsh winter?  Paint them pink! It is a fun welcome to their home and are the foundations for Holiday decorations.
Dave has followed through with one of the main goals of the UDS to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with our community.  This dahlia garden was started by Dave's  neighbor with his help.

Thanks for the tour Dave and Laree and congratulations on your UDS ribbons at the show again this year!

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