Friday, January 20, 2017

Dreaming of Dahlias

    The weather here in Salt Lake is cold and dreary as we all expect this time of year.  The bright spot is when the reminders come in the mail and on the internet that it is time to order our dahlias for the upcoming season.  It makes the cold weather a little more bearable while you are choosing the next dahlia blooms to look forward to. 
(This is a good spot to send a shout out to if you are interested in ordering cuttings.  Now is the time, they are selling fast!)
     This scenario proves that Dahlias bring us joy year round....from the planning, to planting, to caring for the plants and then of course the fabulous blooms.  
Maybe not as joyful but an important part of growing and saving dahlias is the freeze and the process of storing the dahlias.  
      Our freeze was late this year so it was particularly painful to cut down our demonstration garden plants still loaded with beautiful blooms last 
Wednesday, November 16th.   
The tubers were dug and cleaned with Megan's air compressor which was a wonderful way to do that task.  The tubers were then labeled and packed in plastic bags that we had poked for air vents, covered with vermiculite then stored in card board boxes.
 Megan took them to Logan for cold storage. 
 We are hoping this method is our best and most productive yet.  

 Steve LeCheminant, Megan Badger, Sandy Burgess, Dick Taylor and Mark Hurst (not pictured) processing tubers.
(Karen Crook behind the camera)
Thanks to Bill Hughes for his help cutting down the plants.

The UDS annual Tuber Sale will be April 28th & 29th.
Watch for more details.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 Awards Dinner

The Utah Dahlia Society 
2016 Awards dinner 
was held on October 11th.

 Given Megan won most of the awards she was crown Queen of the Show;)

 We all love Joe Morely BBQ!

 Spence awarded Dick Taylor the ADS award 
for his efforts on the demo garden this year.

Head Table Award winners received a fancy pair of clippers this year.
 Rebecca Swalberg receiving her award 
for Best AA Mango Madness
 Jan Lister for her Best M, Tahoma Big M
 William Hughes for his Best Ball, Clearview Daniel
 Ryan and Julie Williams for their Best Exotic, Miss Delilah
 Megan Badger for winning:
Best A - Gitts Perfection
Best B - Sorbet
Best BB - Bloomquest Barbara
Best Pom - Glenplace
Best 3 Blooms - Country Superstar
Best Arrangement - Dahlia-copia
Best of Show - Gitts Perfection
Thanks to:
Megan for all she does for the UDS, 
Mark Hurst, President 
and Sandy Burgess, Show Chairperson

It is now November 6th and we have yet to have a hard freeze.  Hopefully, we will be digging the demo garden tubers soon.  Wish us luck;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

2016 UDS Show

The 2016 Utah Dahlia Society Show
 held on September 24th and 25th
belonged to
Megan Badger.
There are 11 top Awards that go to our Head Table
and Megan won 7 of them!
Her Gitts Perfection won Best A then went on to win 
Best of Show.
Congratulations to Megan!  
She really is the hardest working member of the UDS and this year has proved to be our top grower as well.

Congratulations to our other Head Table winners;
Becky Swalberg for Best AA
Jan Lister for Best Miniature
William Hughes for Best Ball
Ryan and Julie Williams for Best Exotic

 The youngest member of the UDS 
with her Largest Bloom entry
 Bouquets for our fund raiser. 
 The flowers came from our own demo garden and many thanks to Steve LeCheminant along with Ryan and Julie Williams for their generous donations of flowers.
 Becky Swalberg's Best AA Mango Madness
 Megan Badger, QUEEN OF THE SHOW!

 Head Table Winners
Megan Badger's  Best of Show and Best A, Gitts Perfection

 Mark Hurst our UDS President

Our Head Table Winners:
Best AA:  Mango Madness   Rebecca Swalberg

Best A:  Gitts Perfection   Megan Badger

Best B: Sorbet   Megan Badger

Best BB:  Bloomquist Barbara   Megan Badger

Best M  Tahoma Big M Jan Litster

Best Ball   Clearview Daniel   William Hughes

Best Exotic  Miss Delilah   Ryan & Julie Williams

Best Pompon   Glenplace Megan Badger

Best 3 Blooms   Country Superstar   Megan Badger

Best Arrangement  Dahlia-copia   Megan Badger

Best of Show  Gitts Perfection   Megan Badger
For a complete list of winners receiving ribbons contact me for a PDF file compiled by our Show Chairperson, 
Sandy Burgess.   
Thanks to everyone that helped with the show and to Kathy Young and Becky and Chris Swalberg for some of the photos.

Our Awards dinner will be held on October 11th.  
Check your e-mail for details

BTW, this is our 100th UDS Blog post!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's Showtime!


Friday, August 26, 2016

Utah Dahlia Society 2016

The Utah Dahlia Society
 blog has been forgotten this summer but that certainly doesn't mean that the dahlias have been forgotten.
Mark, Megan, Sandy and Karen planted the demonstration garden on Saturday, May 7 and got rained out so finished on Monday, May, 9th. 
Fast forward to 
Thursday, August 18th to our summer social.  
Becky and Chris Swalberg hosted the event at their lovely home.  We all enjoyed touring their fantastic gardens and the delicious food.  They served us hamburgers with homemade buns and all the trimmings while we all brought yummy side dishes.   
Thanks so much to Becky and Chris!
The topic at the social was of course dahlias.  It has been an unusual year:  a very wet and cool spring followed abruptly with over 100 degree heat that stayed for weeks, cooled a bit and then the temperatures went soaring again.  
This weather, we think, is the cause of our smaller plants and late blooms.  

Our annual Exhibition Show is scheduled for 
September 24th and 25th 
at the 
Sugarhouse Garden Center.
Details to follow in our next post.

 Lovely Lana

 AC Ben

 Wanda's Aurora

(this is the one drawback to my cages-tough to get a photo without them in it)

 An example of grasshopper damage:(  
They are so frustrating!
But taking these to a friend is worth putting up with weather issues and grasshoppers.

Friday, April 8, 2016



9:00 am until 1:00 pm
Sugarhouse Garden Center
1610 East 2100 South

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Stonehouse Dahlias is up and running just in time to order your dahlia cuttings for your 2016 garden.

Check them out at: 

You can also find them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

They have a fantastic website with a fabulous variety of lovely dahlias that are sure to please.
Get your orders in ASAP!  They have already sold out of some favorites.