Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Thanks goes to Spence and Emily for their gorgeous yard and hospitality!

We met at 4:00 PM at Spence and Emily Mortensen's home for our outdoor, mask-a-raid of their garden.  Seriously, those who were able to eat the Joan J raspberries truly did enjoy the raid and had to remove their masks!  The beauty of their yard with a buck running though it makes us appreciate them and the amount of work to maintain it.  The view of their garden with Little Cottonwood Canyon behind is breath taking (amplified with wearing a mask).   

The food was provided by the Dahlia Society and social distance tables were setup throughout the yard. 

Our President Julie Williams gets pointers from her 3 darling girls.  

Highlights of Julie's discussion:

  • Misconception that you have to wait for a freeze to dig your dahlias.  You don't have to wait!
    • Chop with lopers to the ground.
    • Dig them up when you can.  Hopefully, before frost.
  • For those who want to learn how to store your dahlias, there will be a date at Dick Taylor's home sometime early November where experts will show you how to cut the dahlias and ready them for winter.  Check your email for this date.  
  • Methods of storing were discussed by Julie and others as follows:
    • Dig, wash and dry and store entire clump over the winter and separate in spring or separate in the fall.  The choice of when is yours.  Note:  It is easier to see the eyes in the spring.
    • Sandy says she splits the dahlia in two and puts into separate bags incase she looses one in hopes the other is good.
    • Dig, blow with compressed air.
    • Get as much of the stem off of the tubers to prevent rot.
    • Store in gallon bags, with poked holes with 1 cup vermiculite and 1/2 tsp sulfur to prevent rot.
    • Store in wood chips in bins
    • Wrap individual tubers in plastic wrap.
  • The decision was made that our club flower in 2021 will be a repeat of Ken's Choice.
  • Megan Badger will send an email for voting on pictures for our annual calendar. 

Megan takes picture of Dick Taylor and his daughter in front of our display table.  

 Dick Taylor and his daughter.

Let's hope for 2021 that:

1.  Covid19 is a memory.
3.  Your dahlia picture makes it on our 2021 calendar.
4.  You and your dahlias visit us in the spring for our Annual Tuber sale.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

 Our annual Dahlia Exhibition is cancelled for 2020 due to the pandemic.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Annual Tuber Sale - Covid-19 - Zoom Get-togethers - Facebook Posts

Blue Skies, Masks and Friends at our Annual Tuber Sale!

 Bet you can't guess who these people are!

The Dahlia Society made the decision to give away the tubers this year.  The tuber exchange was in the parking lot of the Sugarhouse Garden Center and gained a bit of interest from the community.  We gained additional members at this exchange.  We gave each member a choice of 10 dahlias each.  As you can see from the picture above, our members are 6 feet apart, all have masks and are still healthy.  Gardening is a stress reliever.

Zoom Meeting - July 9th

1.  Our Utah Dahlia Exhibition Show is tentatively being held on Sept 19th.  Place and decision to have a show this year are still under consideration. 
2. Please post any pictures of dahlias you would like to show on our Utah Dahlia Society Facebook page each Friday.  This is one way we can be joyful during these crazy times with the beauty of dahlias.  Be safe everyone.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Utah Dahlia Society Annual Tuber Sale 

 Saturday April 25, 2020 

Due to Covid-19 our sale will be different this year.  Here are the guidelines.

Date:  Saturday April 25th.
Time:  Sale will start at 10:00 and end at Noon.
Location: Parking lot of Sugarhouse Garden Center (1610 East 2100 South) SLC.

Special Instructions:

1.  Bring your own mask and gloves.
2.  Bring your own container to take them home in.
3.  Bring your own marker to mark your tubers since we won't be bagging them.
4.  We will enforce social distancing and only one person at a time will go through the tubers.

For those of you who have tubers to donate, you can bring them to the sale.  If you choose to post the types of tubers you have, please do so on our Facebook page.  

Julie and Ryan Williams will bring the members of the Utah Dahlia Society the club flower Ken's Choice and plants you ordered to this sale.  The club flower this year is Ken's Choice.  

Please join us for this tuber sale.  Most gardeners love to hug and so this will be a new experience this year with social distancing.   Let's make this work.

Friday, December 13, 2019

November 9, 2019 Tuber Dividing and Annual Awards Banquet

Dahlia Society meets at Dick Taylor's garden at 1:00 pm to a warm November 9th day to help divide the tubers.  The tubers were designated the green ones on the floor of the garage that were positively identified and the red ones in wheel barrow's on his side yard where their identify was uncertain.  What a variety he shares of healthy looking tubers.

Dick Taylor smiles as he holds up the longest tuber ever seen in Utah!

Garage floor with a cover of neatly labeled dahlias.  We had our work cut out for us (pun intended)

Dick's Daughters help after they dug up all the dahlias and arranged the garage floor.

Check out the highlights of our 2 some odd hours spent cutting, visiting, packaging and storing.   I frankly learned allot about dividing from these experts.  Dick has so graciously donated his dahlias to our Spring Tuber sale for 2020.  He has a tremendous selection and if they store well we will have some great choices.  Thanks Dick and Marilyn for making this a fun event for all of us.

Spence Mortensen expert cutter
Megan Badger and Marilyn Taylor label and bag.

Ryan & Julie Williams and Karen Crook are pros at cutting.
Megan and Ryan load up for storage up North.

Awards Banquet is held at Joe Morley's Barbecue in Midvale.  We were lucky to have an excellent wait staff with Jan Lister's granddaughter.  Julie Williams spoke to the 23 in attendance.  Winner at the head table receive an absolutely beautiful book about DAHLIAS.   Of course Megan didn't highlight her best of show award and all the others.  We all know how beautiful Doris was that day.  Thanks to Spence and Emily Mortensen for their donation of cut flowers to our fall show.  Once again Clea Hurst for her work as show chairman.

This brings 2019 to a close.  See you all in the spring.  
Award for making the head table

Megan Badger, Jan Lister, Dan and Elizabeth Palmer

Julie and Ryan Williams and their girls. Karen Crook, Sandy Allred, Dick and Marilyn Taylor & Barbara and Bill Hughes

Chris and Becky Swalberg, Clea and Linda Hurst, Dave and Marie Ross and Emily and Spence Mortensen

Megan Badger and Karen Crook Present to Clea Hurst

Sunday, September 29, 2019

2019 Utah Dahlia Society Show Results

It takes a wonderful President like Julie Williams to communicate to us throughout the year and many committed dahlia growers to put on a beautiful show as this one.  Many people take on multiple roles and we pulled it off again on September 21, 2019.

Many Thanks go to:
  • Show Co-Chairman Clea Hurst & Daniel Hsiao
  • Show setup by Megan Badger, Karen Crook, Clea Hurst and Becky Swalberg.  
  • Flowers Donated by Spence and Emily Mortensen.  
  • Judges, Ryan Williams, Stephan Lecheminant, Bill Hughes and Becky Swalberg.  
  • Clerks, Julie Williams, Clea Hurst and Jan Lister.  
  • Daniel Hsiao for organizing the cleanup crew. 

Many beautiful entries this year!   Thanks to all who participated.  

Small Flower Arrangements

Large Flower Arrangements
Spence and Emily Mortensen's Cut Flowers for Sale.

Here is the lineup and winners in our show. 

Karen Crook - Best AA - AC Ben

Megan Badger - Best A - Doris B

Ryan and Julie Williams - Best B - Francesca Evangelista
Stephen Lecheminant - Best BB - Hollyhill Angela
Megan Badger - Best Ball-Blyton Softer Gleam & Miniture-Jack Frost
Julie & Ryan Williams - Best Pom-Elfin & Exotic-Midnight Star
Karen Crook - Best 3 Blooms with B FD Thomas Edison
Becky Swalberg - Best Arrangement
Best of Show goes to Megan Badger!

Congratulations Megan Badger for Doris B - Best of Show stunning flower.  Doris's head is bigger than Megans!
Megan and Karen battle for the largest bloom.  Megan Badger wins with Maki on the left.  Let's just say the judges were divided on this one.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Utah Dahlia Society Exhibition Sept 21, 2019

It's Show and Tell Time for Utah Dahlia Society!!!  

Our Annual Utah Dahlia Society Exhibition Show is ONE Day Only, on Saturday  September 21st at the Sugarhouse Garden Center (1610 East 2100 South) from 1:00 to 5:00 PM

To enter your dahlias bring them staged or come to the center between 8:00 and 9:45 am.  Be ready because judging starts at 10:00 am sharp.

We hope to see you this year!