Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dee and Elaine's Garden Tour

There is a common thread I have discovered this past summer doing these tours.   It is simply that dahlia growers make them a priority in their gardens. Often times going out of their way to make room by removing most anything, including trees that may be in their way for a few more plants. 
 Dee and Elaine's garden is no exception.

 Miss Delilah and a few others welcome you to the garden in the front yard giving you just a taste of what is in store as you go into the back garden.
 They have dedicated a good portion of their garden to grow one of their favorite flowers in many of the wonderful varieties and colors available.


 Dee has grown dahlias for many years and enjoys the colorful blooms that bring smiles to his neighbors, friends and family.

 The bees are obviously very happy.

Thank you for the tour Dee and Elaine.  It was beautiful!

Frost has hit most of our gardens this past week which is always sad but a chance to decide which varieties were our favorites and worthy of saving the tubers.  Digging and storing tubers will begin the middle of November here in Utah.  That time frame usually gives the tubers a chance to harden off before a hard freeze.

Members, don't forget our 
Awards Banquet Wednesday, October 16th.

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