Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011 Exhibition Show

The Utah Dahlia Society's 2011 Exhibition Show
 was held on
 September 24th and 25th
at the Garden Center

We are Proud to Announce our Winners:

People's Choice Award
Snow n' Tell
Nicholas Spencer
Nick is also a winner as our Show Chairman...
Thanks Nick!
Best AA and Best of Show
Wanda's Aurora
Maxine Clark and Karen Crook 
Best A
Vassio Meggos
Mark Hurst

Best B
Hollyhill Quintessence
Stephen LeCheminant
Best BB
Hollyhill Bewitched
Megan Badger
Best Exotic
Hollyhill Spiderwoman
Ryan and Julie Williams
Best M
Glenbank Twinkle
David Ross

Best Three Blooms
Glenbank Twinkle
David Ross
Best Club Flower
David Ross

Best Ball
Woodland's Dufus
Maxine Clark

Best Arrangement
Maxine Clark

The above list are those that were judged best of each form.  The complete list of winners is available upon request.  

Thanks to Megan Badger for all she does, Spencer Mortensen, Mark Hurst and others for their generous donations of flowers for our fund raiser.
Many thanks to Christina Lundberg for taking care of business and everyone that helped clean up after the show.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Summer Social 2011

Megan Badger was our host for our 
Utah Dahlia Society Summer Social 
held on August 17th.  
 We all enjoyed the prizes she collected to be won on a spinning wheel and the ice cream bars she served.

  Prizes with all ages in mind could be won with a spin of a wheel.

 We each took a turn to brag about our successes and complain about our failures.

 Dick Taylor won a special watering can and helps to show off some of our early blooms.

Karen Crook loves to mix up the blooms in her garden.  

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Millcreek Gardens was our generous sponsor for our Dahlia Sale again this year.  We were snowed out in April but had a great day and successful sale on May 7 and 14th.

 Dave Ross hand picking some great tubers for 42nd Street Nursery
 Karen and Nick showing off their Dahlia Shirts.
Mark Hurst and Megan Badger 
leading the way to another great season for the 
Utah Dahlia Society.

Our meeting on June 15th was a chance to gain valuable
 knowledge from Spencer Mortensen's vast experiences growing not only Dahlias but many edibles, espalier, and how to produce "black gold" by raising worms.
Thanks to Spence for the wonderful presentation and sharing with us.  Also, thanks to Megan for the refreshments: homemade rhubarb jam ( the rhubarb was from Mark's garden) and wonderful bread and drinks.

Our Demonstration Garden got a late start this year due to our cold and wet weather.  It was finally planted on June 14th.
Mark Hurst had top soil delivered and tilled in a good supply of dried leaves before the Society members got started getting the beds ready.   

 Steve LeCheminant measured the garden so the spacing was just right.
 Dave Ross was an expert "post hole" digger.
 Sandy Burgess put her planting skills to work.
Steve and Mark working out the details.
The Utah Dahlia Society Demonstration Garden sign.
 Miss Delilah gets a mass planting all to herself.
All planted.  
We have high hopes for another terrific dahlia season!

Our next meeting is August 17th.  
Watch for more details as to time and place.

**As a side note many of us started seeing blooms in mid-July despite the cold and rainy start;-)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Member's Tuber Sale 2011

April 20th was the date of our
2011 Member's Only Tuber Sale. 

 We had hundreds of tubers available for sale for only $3.00 each.  They were donated by our members and some of our favorite growers. 
 Thanks to everyone for their generosity.
 Bagging and tagging tubers was a snap this year. 
 Most of the work was done at home and just the bags and tags were left to do.

 Paula Daniels was in charge of refreshments and did a great job with the help of her husband, Mike.  Many thanks for their work.  Also thanks to Megan Badger for organizing the event.  She left us on our own for a "once in lifetime" adventure on the high seas and was missed.
Pizza, cookies and drinks were delicious!

Our first tuber sale at Millcreek Gardens on April 30 was SNOWED out. 
  We are scheduled again for next Saturday, May 7th at Millcreek from 10:00am until 4:00 pm and hope to have sunshine and warmer temperatures.   
Please come out and get your tubers and support 
 We have hundreds to choose from and look forward to seeing you.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Utah Dahlia Society Meeting Tonight

     Just a Reminder that our first meeting of 2011 will be held on Wednesday February 16th at 7 p.m. at the Garden Center at Sugar House Park (1602 East 2100 South).  For the main event we will be viewing a DVD from the National Capital Society entitled "If you like dahlias, you'll love this... the Ultimate Growing Guide".  There will also be time for questions and we want to hear how those stored tubers are doing.  This would the perfect night to invite your friends who want to try growing dahlias.

     This reminder (Thanks Megan) reminded me that I haven't posted our photos from our Dahlia Fiesta held on October 20, 2010.   We had delicious food from Cafe Rio and those of us that are sick of winter (I know we have had a break for a few days but IT IS supposed to snow tonight) notice how long we had fresh Dahlias last fall.   It was amazing to have them so long in our climate.
    The evening was a huge success with most of our members attending and some invited guests.  Thanks to Millcreek Gardens for their continued support and bringing many fun plants used as door prizes.