Friday, January 20, 2017

Dreaming of Dahlias

    The weather here in Salt Lake is cold and dreary as we all expect this time of year.  The bright spot is when the reminders come in the mail and on the internet that it is time to order our dahlias for the upcoming season.  It makes the cold weather a little more bearable while you are choosing the next dahlia blooms to look forward to. 
(This is a good spot to send a shout out to if you are interested in ordering cuttings.  Now is the time, they are selling fast!)
     This scenario proves that Dahlias bring us joy year round....from the planning, to planting, to caring for the plants and then of course the fabulous blooms.  
Maybe not as joyful but an important part of growing and saving dahlias is the freeze and the process of storing the dahlias.  
      Our freeze was late this year so it was particularly painful to cut down our demonstration garden plants still loaded with beautiful blooms last 
Wednesday, November 16th.   
The tubers were dug and cleaned with Megan's air compressor which was a wonderful way to do that task.  The tubers were then labeled and packed in plastic bags that we had poked for air vents, covered with vermiculite then stored in card board boxes.
 Megan took them to Logan for cold storage. 
 We are hoping this method is our best and most productive yet.  

 Steve LeCheminant, Megan Badger, Sandy Burgess, Dick Taylor and Mark Hurst (not pictured) processing tubers.
(Karen Crook behind the camera)
Thanks to Bill Hughes for his help cutting down the plants.

The UDS annual Tuber Sale will be April 28th & 29th.
Watch for more details.