Thursday, February 19, 2009

Utah Dahlia Society

The Utah Dahlia Society
The Utah Dahlia Society is up and running. All the preliminary steps have been taken to launch the newest of Utah's garden societies. A common interest and a love of dahlias has brought us together as a group to enjoy their beauty and to learn how to better grow and cultivate them.
Our first exhibition was held last October. We had 163 entries and over 100 people in attendance.

Exciting events have been planned for this year.

The First Annual

Utah Dahlia Society Tuber Sale

will be held April 25, 2009.

We are looking for the perfect location and will post the information when it becomes available.The Utah Dahlia Society flower show will be held

September 26th & 27th

at a location to be announced.

We now have 34 members; some long-time growers, some with a little experience and some complete novices. If you would like to join please leave a comment and your contact information. Membership is only $25.00 and includes detailed information on growing dahlias, workshops and fun.