Monday, November 4, 2013

Garden Tour - Dick and Marilyn Taylor

It is a little sad to post the last of my Garden Tour photos for the season.  But on the bright side it brings back memories of a lovely day that Megan and I spent going from one Utah Dahlia Society member's garden to the next.

 We were in the area of Dick and Marilyn's garden but knew they were not home and on another one of their grand adventures.  We decided to go anyway and felt totally welcome when we encountered this sign in their front yard.
 So, "Come and Enjoy" we did!

 This was a very creative way to incorporate the swing set that their children once enjoyed.  Now, the dahlias use it for support.  Also, notice that the dahlias in this area are planted in lovely soil contained in 17" X 17" pots.   The gravel that made the "playground" now is the walk way between the rows of buried pots that contain the dahlias.  The pot idea saved all the work required to remove the gravel to get to the soil underneath.

 Dick and Marilyn's dahlias invite you 
to look behind the hedge.
 The little red shed belongs to the Taylor's neighbor. 
 It provides such a nice background for the rows of dahlias that is decorated with multiple bird houses.

 Thanks to Dick and Marilyn for inviting everyone to enjoy their beautiful garden. 
 I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

Watch for the last post of the year. 
 Bill took some photos of our Awards Dinner that I'm sure will be great.