Monday, September 23, 2013

The Sister Gardens

The Utah Dahlia Society is lucky to have two sisters as members and Megan and I were lucky to be able to tour their beautiful gardens today.  
 The Salt Lake weather is known to change overnight and it certainly has this year.  We have had record breaking high temperatures, rainfall and so far an early fall with temperatures in the 60's already.  Whatever the weather has been it has been a recipe for gorgeous dahlias.  Each garden I have toured this year has had an amazing display and Jan and Alan's along with Elizabeth and David's gardens have been no exception.

 Jan and Alan's walk way to their home has a fountain and many dahlias to greet you.
 More dahlias along with annual and perennial plants add color to the west side.
 Show quality blooms are at every turn....
 with many that were chosen to represent names for each person in their large family.
 These dahlias are reaching for the sun growing to probably 8 ft. topped off with gorgeous blooms.
 Jan and Alan are a gardening team and their efforts show in the variety of plants that make a colorful display in the front of their home.
 Dahlias do play well with others after all;)

 Heirloom beans, tomatoes and other vegetables add to the mix.
 Maki welcomes us to Elizabeth and David's garden.
 Their home is decorated with a show stopping garden as well.
 They have found that darling garden trellises make great supports for their dahlias.
 Elizabeth and David share a love for music and flowers.

Thank you Jan, Alan, Elizabeth and David for sharing your lovely gardens with us today.  What a treat!

Please join us for
The Utah Dahlia Society's Exhibition Show
September 28th and 29th
Sugarhouse Garden Center
1602 East 2100 South
1:00 to 5:00 each day

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spence's Garden

One of my favorite gardens in this area belongs to 
Spence and Emily. 
 He was a founding member of the Utah Dahlia Society and is our ADS Representative.

 His garden includes hundreds of dahlias that greet you as you drive toward the house.
 There are dahlia beds tucked away in delightful places.
 A spot for his special dahlias that receive extra care.
 Another garden borders the tennis court.
 Spence has too many dahlias to stake so he uses a string method that does a good job.
 He also grows berries, corn....
 canna lilies and much more.
Thanks to Spence & Emily for their generosity to many of us that have been gifted their lovely dahlias.  Also for the dahlias and tubers that have been donated each year to the UDS fundraisers.
The Utah Dahlia Society's annual Exhibition Show is coming up on September 28th and 29th.
It is being held at the Sugarhouse Garden Center as usual.
We hope to see you there!