Friday, December 5, 2014

One Last Look at our Demo Garden

Now that December is here these lovely flowers from our Demonstration Garden are a wonderful memory.  
The garden was a success this year with some fantastic blooms and some great times for those of us that had the pleasure of working there.

Utah weather is a surprise most of the time.  
This year was really a surprise because the temperatures dropped below freezing with no warning. 
That was a problem because we had not dug the tubers yet. 

 Mark, Steve and Dave cut down the plants and put the drip system away and then on November 17th Mark, Steve, Megan, Carrie and I dug the tubers.  Even though the weather had turned we still had a pleasant day with sunshine to get the job done.
The frost had gotten to some of the tubers but we are hopeful that many will still survive.

We are trying another method this year:  Instead of putting "all our eggs in one basket" we are hoping we will have more success by storing them in 3 different places.  Megan, Mark and Steve took the tubers after they were dug and washed to process and store.  
 We are hopeful that this will give us a better chance of having more viable tubers for our garden and tuber sale.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
See you next spring.

 Orange Seedling


  1. Beautiful photos! Wow, dahlias look incredible. I'm interested in planting some this year. What is the typical price of a tuber at the society tuber sale?

    1. So sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I am posting that information today. I hope you can make it to the sale. We have been charging $3.00 per tuber in the past.

  2. Hello,
    I am interested in buying some dahlia tubers from your tuber sale this year. Do you know what the date will be for the 2015 tuber sale?
    Thanks, Kyler

    1. My apologies for not responding Anonymous. I am posting that information today.