Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cheri, Ryan and Julie & Karen's Gardens

Karen's Garden or should I say my Garden;)
I am happy to report that my Burpee Heavy Duty tomato cages were a success!  They held a 7 foot Penhill Watermelon to a small Swan's Gold Medal perfectly through wind and rain.  The only small issue was that for the smaller plants they made it a little harder to disbud and cut the blooms.

 Lovely Lana remains one of my favorites.

 Mixing dahlias and roses makes me happy.
 Wanda's Aurora originally was planted in honor of my dear Aunt Wanda a few years back and continues to have a special place in my garden each year.
 I love Castle Drive.  I love it even more since one of my three plants produced the Best of Show flower.  
I wish I would have paid more attention that morning when I was cutting for the show so I would know just which plant it was;)
 These photos were taken in August.  By the time September came these were all much taller.  
They have full sun so I'm guessing that they were just showing off.
Penhill Watermelon literally stopped traffic this year. 
 It was near our street and had people stopping to take a look.

Cheri's Garden
(Look close....Cheri is in this photo;)

 Cheri is one of the hardest working people I know.  I met her when we were both active in the Salt Lake Master Gardener program. I had the pleasure of working on many projects with her and was thrilled when she joined the Utah Dahlia Society.  
She is always there when needed from working
 the demo garden to setting up our show. 
 Oh, and she also grows a fantastic garden!
 Cheri's award winning zinnias 
welcomed me to her front garden.
 The many varieties she chose to grow 
like this spot next to her roses.

 Thanks Cheri for the tour!

Ryan and Julie's Garden

 A drive to Logan to see their garden in person is something many of us want to do but I didn't make it again this year. 
  Ryan was kind enough to supply us with a glimpse into their garden.
 They recently moved into this wonderful, historical home.  They quickly established their dahlia gardens 
to satisfy their hobby and "budding" floral business.
Beautiful Julie lost in their beautiful dahlias.
Thanks for sharing Ryan and Julie!

My dahlias froze over a week ago but at last report Megan's were still going strong this late in the year
The last post of the year will be a report on the 
Demo Garden and digging the tubers.

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