Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stephan and Mark's Garden Tour

It is a great day when you are lucky enough to tour two gardens. 
 Stephan and Mark's gardens made it an especially great day on this September morning.
We started with Stephan's garden that is a treat for the eyes.  His front garden must be dangerous for the drivers passing by his home.  It would be tough to keep your eyes on the road with the bursts of color from a variety of beautiful plants. 
 Dahlias included of course;) 

 Stephan's garden is unusual in that it has a huge side yard.  He has done a fantastic job with his landscape design that takes you from one area to the next with interesting twists and turns.

 His dahlias are dispersed among the garden plants as well as an area designated to dahlias alone....for the most part.  There are a few amaranths and petunias tucked here and there to add a spark to this lovely garden.

 A creative fountain brings more interest 
to this corner spot.
 I was too far away to hear this conversation but I'm guessing it had something to do with 
a tuber swap next spring;)


Mark's love of dahlias got many of us in the 
Utah Dahlia Society started with our 
"addiction" to dahlias.
His garden is a testament to his dedication to this beautiful flower and to his expertise in growing most anything.
 In Mark's Garden you are greeted with some happy marigolds and one of his favorite dahlias, Miss Delilah.

 It is always fun to have a surprise bloom. 
 This Vassio Meggos had a mind of it's own and gives a little wink with the white pedals.
 Disbudding is a constant job for us all.
 Mark does a fabulous job with his.
 In our climate Lovely Lana is a very hard worker. 
 It is not uncommon to have many
 of her large blooms at once.

 Wanda's Aurora
 Mark also has an impressive vegetable garden.

 His compost bin reached 160 degrees 
on this September morning.
Thanks for the tour Stephan and Mark.  
What a pleasure!

Watch for the post of our Awards Banquet that will be held on October 15th.
Cheri's Garden Tour and my tomato cage report will follow.


  1. So fun to see our members beautiful gardens. Not only do they grow amazing dahlia's, but every other plant in their yards look like winners!

    1. Thanks for commenting Megan. It is nice to know someone looks at our blog;)