Sunday, October 5, 2014

Carrie's Secret Garden

Megan and I had the privilege of visiting our recent UDS member, Carrie's garden.  Carrie is a professional landscape designer and did she ever pull out all the stops on her own piece of heaven.   She proves that you do not have to have an acre of land to design a beautiful and inviting garden.
When I walked through her arched gate to enter her garden it literally took my breath away.  

 Carrie, on the right after working in the demo garden with Cheri.
 She has crafted an eclectic collection of beautiful plants that is punctuated with dahlias.
 Mon Ami, Carrie's gorgeous companion was watching the tour and looking regal even though I caught her mid-blink.
 Carrie built all the raised beds herself.
 There is no shortage of color here.

 A giant hibiscus presides over the garden in her backyard oasis.
Thanks for the tour Carrie! 
Your garden reminded me of a
"Secret Garden"
although  I'm afraid the secret is out now;)

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