Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Visit to Logan, Utah

Megan and I have wanted to make the trip to Logan, Utah to visit Ryan and Julie's garden for years now.  We finally made it a few weeks ago and certainly was impressed.  

 They bought a home that was built by one of the first settlers in the Logan valley. 
  Ryan is a talented craftsman and has built custom furniture and cabinets for the inside and outside they grow prize winning iris and of course dahlias.
They have utilized every inch of their garden for unique and beautiful plants still leaving a bit of grass for their three darling daughters to play.

 Their oldest daughter, Leilia is proud of the plant she carefully planted herself.
 Cafe Au Lait that grew larger than expected.  

 Ryan and Julie with Iris and Violet.

 Violet was very happy to have a scarecrow in their front garden.
 Megan brought cookies. 
 I could have photoshopped the crumbs but thought Iris looked so cute with them;)
Thank you Ryan, Julie and girls for taking time out of your busy Saturday to give us a tour.  
We loved every minute!

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  1. Ryan and Julie are amazing. Loved seeing them and their dahlias