Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Garden Tour - Karen Crook

I just had a "BRILLIANT" idea to go to one of our willing Utah Dahlia Society member's garden each week of the blooming season and feature the photos here.
I will start with my own this week.  
Thanks for dropping by to take a look.
This year I planted a variety from a tiny Dot Com to an "A" size Zoey Rae.  I love the diversity of the dahlia and am taking full advantage of it with the varieties I chose.

 Zoey Rae
 White Nettie
 Castle Drive
 Snoho Sonja
 Magic Moment
 Miss Delilah
 When some of my roses died due to a water problem we put in a pump to correct the problem but I kept the space open for more dahlias.  I enjoy the blooms of both.
 Gitts Attention
Devon Eclipse


  1. I think this weekly tour is a GREAT idea!!. Can't wait to see how other gardens are doing. Looks like you are a little ahead of my garden in Layton. Next week should be a riot of color and flowers. Are we still planning on a UDS meeting here in Layton in August? Bill Hughes

    1. Thanks Bill! Yes, we are and looking forward to it. I will feature your garden that week if that is OK. Megan will be getting in touch with you for directions and any other information to send to the members. Mark, Megan, Cheri and I were talking about it last Saturday at the demo garden and already making plans to ride share;)