Saturday, July 28, 2012

Demonstration Garden Update 7-23-2012

First of all, my sincere apologies for not posting on our blog for so long.  I have updated with 3 new posts about the planting of our demonstration garden, our June meeting and now this peak at the progress of the demonstration garden.  
Please be sure to scroll down to catch up.

 What a beauty!!!  I still love her even if I can't remember her name.....Doris something I think.
 Mark tenderly disbuds one of our many dahlias getting ready to burst with more color.
 Our Miss Delilah bed is amazing.  I have decided this hard working variety is a must for any garden, maybe that is why we named her our Club Flower this year!    She is a low grower, blooms early and often until frost.  What's not to love?

 This is a new variety named Harvey Koop that Megan bought as a cutting.  It is unusual and gorgeous!

This is a new variety named Bert Pitt, yes Bert, 
not Brad but just as handsome;)

This year we did an experiment with tubers from out Best of Show plant, Wanda's Aurora.   The plant gave us many tubers; some small and others very large.  We planted one small tuber and one very large tuber side by side to see if there will be any difference in plant size and most importantly the quality and quantity of blooms.  So far (darn, wish I would have taken a photo) the plants are exactly like the tubers, the small tuber has given us a smaller plant compared to the much larger plant from the larger tuber.   It is proving to be interesting to track these plants through the season.  We may find out what others may already know.....SIZE DOES MATTER:))

If anyone has some photos of their dahlias they would like to show off here please e-mail me large file photos to my e-mail address at  (phone photos are not a large enough file....sorry)

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