Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring 2010

The calendar tells us it is time to wake up from our long winter's rest and start to make our dreams of a beautiful dahlia garden a reality.
Just don't look out the window. If you do, don't let the snow keep you from getting your tubers out of storage so they will be ready for our annual Utah Dahlia Society dahlia sale on April 24th and and May 1st.
Millcreek Gardens will be our generous host again this year.

Be sure to attend our meeting on Wednesday, April 21st at the Garden Center. We will have the bags and vermiculite to bag and label your tuber donations for the sale. It will also be a members only chance at some of the tubers you have had your eye on. Watch for an e-mail with more details and a request for your donation inventory so we can get the labels made ahead of time.

In other news Mark Hurst, Eva Jensen and Megan Badger have been busy getting the Utah Dahlia Society's "Dahlia Diary" ready. It is a step by step guide to growing dahlias for the Utah grower. Be sure to get your copy at the tuber sale. The dahlia pictured above will be featured on the cover.
Remember to Save the Dates:
April 21st
April 24th
May 1st

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